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Automatic Transmission Repairs in Findlay, Ohio.

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About Us

Findlay Transmission Service Center, Inc. in Findlay, Ohio, can professionally take care of all your automatic transmission rebuild, repair and service needs. Expect the best in knowledgeable transmission service and an exceptional customer experience. You receive an honest assessment from a transmission specialist who will correctly diagnose the problem, whether you need a small repair, a rebuild or repair of a problem unrelated to the transmission.

For more information or to schedule your free automatic transmission diagnosis, call 419-424-0623 or visit our main website at findlaytransmissionservice.com.


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Transmission Rebuild, Repair & Service

Automatic Transmission Repair, Transfer Cases, Electrical Diagnosis, Transmission Fluid Exchange, Manual Clutch Service & Repair, Transmission Rebuild, Repair & Service and Manual Transmission Repair.

General Auto Repair & Car Care Service

Automatic Flywheel Replacement, Manual Flywheel Resurfacing, Complete Driveshaft Service, Rebuild / Replace CV Axles, Differential Service, Standard Clutch Kit Replacement and Filter Replacements.

Fuel System Auto Repair

Filters, Lines, Hoses and Pumps.

Electrical Auto Repair

Alternators, Electrical Wiring and Diagnosis Starters.

Cooling & Heating System Auto Repair

Air Conditioning Service, Thermostats, Belts, Transmission Coolers, Diagnosis, Water Pumps and Electric Fans.

Brake System Auto Repair and Service

Diagnosis, Master Cylinders, Drums, Power Boosters, Emergency Brakes, Rotors, Hose Replacement, Wheel Cylinders and Lining Replacement.

Areas Served

Findlay Transmission Service Center proudly serves the needs of customers throughout Findlay, Ohio and Hancock County.